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Patient Recipes: Concentrated Canna-Gummies

Concentrated Canna Gummies

3 oz Jello mix
2 Unflavored Gelatin Packets (use extra gelatin when using molds to prevent sticking)
Concentrated Cannabis Oil (As much or little as preferred)
3/4 C. Water

• Place flavored gelatin and water into pan and mix
• Heat until ingredients are warmed but NOT boiling
• Add unflavored gelatin while whisking to prevent lumps
• Once mixture is finished, take off of stove and add in concentrated cannabis oil. Be sure to continuously whisk, or the oil will separate.
*When fully incorporated, pour into greased silicone mold and place in fridge to set*

Divide total MG in oil by amount of gummies to find the strength
Example- 300MG of oil/30 total gummies = 10Mg per gummy

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