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CSATC Expansion Progress

CSATC has received approval from the Bellmawr Township Municipal Board to start construction at our new dispensary location. Our new dispensary will be located directly across from our current location at 111 Coolidge Avenue. We are hoping to move into the new location by February. The new location will be used as our dispensary and current facility will be modified into our growing, processing and packaging facility.


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Raising Awareness and Helping The Community Around Us

CSATC has been active these past months, raising awareness of medical cannabis and helping out the local community. We discussed different aspects and benefits of medical cannabis with Bancroft NeuroRehab, a rehabilitation and assisted living center for those with neurological disorders, and HollyDELL, an organization that serves thousands of children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and other physical and medical challenges. We believe that organizations like these can add cannabis to their broad spectrum of treatment options, and we will continue advocating to increase patients’ access to cannabis for its amazing palliative effects!

We have also recently contributed to the Bellmawr War Memorial that will open on Veterans Day and to our local Bellmawr Police Department. Our donation to Bellmawr PD was for a heroin field tests to verify a person’s possession of the drug.

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New Strain Announcement

Pineapple Express is one of the seven new stains that Compassionate Sciences™ ATC is growing. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian. With happy, uplifting and euphoric effects, this strain is ideal for daytime use with its energizing effects! Pineapple Express will be available for sale shortly after we receive state test results. Stay tuned for announcements about our other new strains in future newsletters.

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New Dispensery Manager

Bridgette Fonseca, Dispensary Manager

Compassionate Sciences™ ATC is happy to announce that Bridgette Fonseca has stepped in as our new dispensary manager. Bridgette has been with CSATC since our opening in October 2015.  With comprehensive knowledge of daily dispensary operations and state regulations, Bridgette is excited and prepared to guide the CSATC staff in providing thousands of patients with high quality medicinal cannabis. Prior to her time at CSATC, Bridgette worked in the pharmaceutical industry for five years as a pharmacy technician, where she was responsible for daily inventory logs, counting medicine and filling prescriptions. Not only has Bridgette’s past experience prepared her for the many facets of managing our facility, but her passion for helping patients and compassionate personality fits perfectly with our mission of helping relieve the pain and suffering that our patients experience.

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New Strain Announcement

Compassionate Sciences™ ATC is growing seven new strains, Blueberry being one of them. Another strain that will be released before 2018 is Cookie Wreck, a hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Train Wreck. This hybrid strain delivers a powerful cerebral euphoria and heavy full body effects that Leafly says works well for pain, stress, muscle spasms, nausea and headaches. We will announce the release dates for Cookie Wreck and Blueberry as they approach. Stay tuned for announcements about the other five strains CSATC is growing.

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CSATC Advocates for Patients

CSATC is constantly advocating for improvements to be made in the regulations of the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. Our main points of advocacy are towards increasing accessibility and affordability for patients that use medical cannabis, as well as improving regulations to give patients more timely product information.

To improve accessibility, we are urging legislators and regulators to allow home deliveries of medical cannabis. We are also stressing the importance of adding qualifying conditions, such as chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, migraines, anxiety, chronic pain of visceral origin and Tourette’s Syndrome, which are supported by scientific evidence and have went through public comment and review periods required by the MMP. To further help patients that are already suffering with debilitating medical conditions, we are advocating for the removal of the requirement for registry of physicians, allowing all physicians and nurses in good standing to recommend medical cannabis to qualifying patients.

To improve affordability, we are urging the state to remove its monetary requirements to join the program such as patient registration fees, the 90-day renewal requirement and removing the tax on sales of medical cannabis. We are advocating that patients should have differentiated cost and preference in the cannabis market if adult-use legislation is enacted. To further lessen the economic burden on patients, we believe that the legislation should encourage insurance company coverage of MMJ.

To give patients more timely product information, CSATC is advocating for more routine and more frequent testing for MMP products. In order to handle the increased demand of testing, we have suggested immediately issuing licenses for private testing labs and to allow in-house testing. To ensure equal testing standards and practices, all cannabis products should be tested by an accredited lab that is held to national standards. Labs should test for potency, solvents, microbiological contaminants, water activity/moisture content and pesticides.


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Six New Strains Coming Soon

CSATC is growing six new strains that should be released by the end of the 2017. Patients find our assortment of “blue” strains to be useful in combatting many symptoms they experience. Blue Dream, Blueberry Silvertip, Blue Tahoe and Blue Widow 1 are all hybrids of the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 Best Indica strain, Blueberry, which is one of the six new strains that CSATC is cultivating. Blueberry’s lineage is most often traced to the American breeder DJ Short, who created the strain when working with a variety of exotic landrace strains. According to Leafly, Blueberry is helpful for stress, pain, depression, insomnia and headaches. We expect Blueberry to be available for purchase this fall.

Patients find our assortment of “blue” strains
to be useful in combatting many symptoms they experience….

Stay tuned for future announcements about our other five strains!

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More Products & Advanced Formulation Brings New Potency to CSATC’s Extractions

New Extract Products To Come
CSATC is involved in constant research and development and recently we have made headway in improving our extracted product selection. CSATC, the only alternative treatment center in the state that offers non-smoking forms of cannabis, currently produces extracted products in the form of Cocoa Butter Lotion, Lozenges and Topical Oil. We will continue to produce the current formulation for our products that consists of a 10:1 THC to CBD ratio, but we are working on an advanced formulation that will have a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. In addition to our new formulation, we developed three new extract products that will be sent to the state shortly for approval. You can expect announcements about the products once they are approved.

…We are working on a formulation
that will have a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio….



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CSATC’s Improvements, New Strains and More

Since CSATC entered the cannabis industry in New Jersey, our goal has always been to continue to improve the Medical Marijuana Program. We recognize the realities of being a patient in New Jersey; a program structure that is expensive and one that limits patients’ access to high grade medical cannabis. Considering that there are only five alternative treatment centers in New Jersey, from the onset, CSATC has made constant efforts to provide patients with greater accessibility to the most affordable and the highest quality medicine.

CSATC is involved in constant research and development. We recently purchased new extraction instrumentation to improve the quality of our extract products. The new upgrade enhances our extracting ability by eliminating the post decarboxylation process. Eliminating this process minimizes the degradation of concentrate, which results in an increased clarity in our oil. In addition, our extract process has recently been enhanced, and utilizes a two stage distillation process to fully remove waxes allowing for higher concentration recovery and less non-targeted compounds. These recent improvements in our extracting abilities are noticeable in the physical clarity of our topical oil as well as improved taste, smell and provide an increase in the clarity of effects among our extract products.

Largest and most consistent variety of medical cannabis strains. Our growers are constantly working to improve strains by methodically adjusting grow conditions to maximize the medicinal components for patients. We are currently growing six new strains that will be announced before the end of the year. CSATC’s patient base is constantly growing, and to match the demand, our facility has been approved to expand an additional 23,000 square feet giving room for an additional 500 lights. In the short term, this will allow CSATC to grow enough medicine to supply our growing patient base. Our long term plan is to turn our existing building into our cultivation and processing location, and open a larger, better suited CSATC dispensary across the street from our existing location.

These efforts will enhance CSATC’s ability to provide the highest quality medical cannabis strains and products at even more affordable prices. Our mission is to help relieve the pain and suffering of patients with serious diseases, and in order to accomplish this goal, CSATC has implemented different initiatives to make our medical cannabis more accessible and affordable for patients in the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program.

When CSATC opened, our prices were set below market value, but we knew that this wouldn’t be the end of our effort to improve patients’ access to medicine. Since then, we have expanded our hours of operation instituting the largest range of hours in the state for patients to purchase medicinal cannabis.

CSATC is unique in that our prices can be taken at face value. The prices patients see already includes the 6.875 percent state sales tax. CSATC is currently lobbying for the removal of the medical cannabis state sales tax, which would further reduce prices for patients. Over the past three months CSATC has reduced flower prices by more than 20 percent on over 12 top strains, and has increased the variety of featured strains in hopes that more patients will find the right strains for their debilitating medical condition. We also offer additional discounts including the Veteran’s Discount of 20%, the Compassionate Discount of 20% for those on government assistance and a Minor’s Discount of 40%.

As part of our hands-on approach to improve the New Jersey cannabis industry for patients, Executive Director George Schidlovsky has positioned himself on the board of directors for the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, a powerful and active association whose mission is to guide the decision makers and regulators in the budding cannabis industry to understand and respect the needs of the CannaBusiness community.


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CSATC Educational Event Crohn’s and Colitis June 22

Beyond providing increasing accessibility to medicinal cannabis and being an active voice in the developing cannabis industry, CSATC will continue to provide education events for patients. We are finding that patients are enjoying our educational events, and that they provide an even greater sense of community surrounding our ATC. If you haven’t had the chance to attend our patient educational events, please stay tuned for upcoming events. We are hosting a Crohn’s and Colitis event on June 22. For more information or to RSVP, please call CSATC at (856) 933-8700.

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