legalized use of medical marijuana

The Facts About Cannabis

Safety and Addiction

chronic pain free with legal marijuana

In practice, it is difficult and quite rare to overdose on Cannabis since its administration requires ongoing deliberate and complex actions such as smoking. Acute adverse reaction due to overdose include anxiety, panic attacks, increased heart rate and changes in blood pressure.

Regular use of Cannabis can lead to dependency and a mild withdrawal syndrome. Some authorities have considered illegal marijuana as a “gateway” drug that leads to the use of more dangerous and addictive substances. There is ongoing debate about possible long-term adverse effects on psyche and cognition, immune system, fertility and pregnancy.

The most common form of administering Cannabis, smoking, is harmful to health and safety. Smoking produces carcinogenic, toxic or irritating byproducts that are dangerous for all patients.

Notice: Medical Cannabis should be administered only in states that have legalized such use, under the care of a physician and in keeping with applicable laws.